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Terrance & Francois | Wedding | Constantia Uitsig

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-constantia-uitsig-terrance-francois_001 cover.jpg

After listening to Terrance & Francois’ romantic story of becoming engaged in Italy, I just knew their wedding was going to be equally as spectacular – and that it was.

They chose Constantia Uitsig as the backdrop of their special day, their wedding was actually one of the last to take place at this stunning venue, and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

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Niall & Carin | Tokara Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-southafrica-tokara-carin-niall 0001.jpg

I love beautiful wine farms – the wonderful green vineyards, picturesque settings and tranquil atmosphere always make a great wedding that much greater.

Tokara Wine Estate was certainly no different, and what a joy to see a beautiful couple so in love.

Photographing Niall and Carin’s wedding was such a joy right from their preparations, vows, celebrations, speeches.

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Natasha Meister & Jimmy Dludlu | Hillcrest Quarry

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-south africa-uk-natasha meister-jimmy dludlu 0001.jpg

The other day, Nick surprised me and took me to 5 Ryneveld in Stellenbosch for dinner, and Natasha Meister was playing in the courtyard. After our meal we pulled up a chair and had a drink with her and her manager Richard Harris.

Natasha is an amazing musician and that coming Sunday afternoon she was going to be performing with the equally amazing Jimmy Dludlu at Hillcrest Quarry and so we arranged for Nick and myself to go along and capture the event for them.

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Van Schoor Family | Die Laaitjie, Robertson

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-southafrica-uk-die laaitjie-family-portrait 0001.jpg

I love being in nature. It is one of the reasons why I’m so happy to live in Cape Town – you are always an hours drive away from natural beauty, and nothing compares to getting out of the bustling city and finding your own little piece of heaven as you spend a few days relaxing in the wild.

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Julian & Katia | Parkside School, Cobham, Surrey, UK

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-uk-southafrica-J&K 0001a cover.jpg

Someone once said, “Romance is the glamour that turns everyday dust into a golden haze”. Well, if that is true then Julian & Katia’s wedding was gloriously golden. Radiantly beautiful, she made her way down the aisle with her father as eyes connected and tears of delight streamed down her soon-to-be husband’s cheeks. These are the golden moments that make weddings glow. After I had captured Julian & Katia for their engagement, I knew their wedding day was going to be a joyous event. As friends and family cheered I couldn’t help but notice this community’s agreement and celebration in their union, and from the first note of singing to the last throw of confetti – joy was in the house!

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Hannah & George | Wedding | Lenham, Kent, UK


Choosing a venue for a wedding is always one of the big choices couples make. It often seems to set the tone for the memories that are made on the day. For Hannah and George, the quaint English country town in Lenham, Kent, UK was the ideal place to say their vows. Not only was it a beautiful setting for their ceremony at St Mary’s Church, but also a stunning reception was set up at Hannah’s parents residence. In fact there was much effort put in to prepare for the day, even the lawn slope was specially re-leveled to accommodate the marquee, and additional equipment shipped in to make it all happen.

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Vincent & Lidia | Klein Bottelary

Rebecca Groves Photography

In the beautiful valley of Klein Bottlery, in the heart of the Cape Winelands romance filled the air as Vincent & Lidia shared their vows in a picturesque, historic wine cellar. Accompanied by a skilled jazz band and an elegant and apt message from the minister, the happy couple made history on the day as they exchanged their rings.  Built in the 1800’s this wine cellar displayed the history and stories of the generations that lived there.  What a fantastic venue for anyone’s big day.

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Garth & Shelley | Round The Bend, Swellendam

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-uk-southafrica-round-the-bend-swellendam G&S 01

Something I love is road trips…

A couple of weeks ago Nick and I jumped in the car for a road trip to Swellendam for Garth & Shelley’s wedding.

Off the beaten track, at a place called Round The Bend, right on the Breede River is where Garth & Shelley had asked family and friends to spend the weekend to celebrate their wedding with them. Round The Bend is situated right out in nature, so you feel so away from everything and so relaxed because of it.

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Jonathan & Lindsey | Highlands Country House

rebeccagroves_wedding_photographer-southafrica-uk-highlands-country-estate 01
I have really cherished being a part of friend’s weddings inthe last few months and being able to capture their day for them. This wedding was particularly special to me asit was for my good friend, Emily’s Mum – Lindsey and her fiancé – Jonathan.
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