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Stella Rose | 1 Year | Baby Shoot

rebeccagroves-photographer-stella-1yr-birthday-party 0001.jpg

Recently I have had the privilege of getting behind the lens for gorgeous little Stella Rose’s first year of life. Stella was born slightly premature last November and I have been doing photos of her from when she was 1 week old.

It has been amazing to see this little girl grow and develop into such a cutie pie! The Pettit family invited me to Stella’s 1st birthday party a few weeks ago as we concluded our 1st year of capturing this precious little life.

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James | 1 Week Baby Shoot

Rebecca Groves Photography

You might remember a while ago I captured the first year of little Willow’s life.  Now Ryan, Emily & Willow’s family have a new addition – little James came into the world 3 weeks ago, a little earlier than expected and he is so tiny and oh so cute! Emily asked me if I would capture the first week of his life and them altogether as a family.  It is so amazing to play apart of people’s lives at such a joyous, happy time and be able to capture moments for them that they will be able to treasure forever.

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Roxy | 6 Months Baby Shoot

Rebecca Groves Photography

Meet Duncan & Janine’s sweet little 6 month old Roxy.  How cute is she?

Last year I did a maternity photo shoot for Michelle & Janine, who are sisters and happened to be pregnant at the same time and wanted to capture this life changing event in their lives.  Shortly after Michelle had little Aidan and I captured him at 3 weeks old.  Just before Janine had Roxy, but decided to wait until Roxy was 6 months old for her baby shoot.

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Stella Rose | 1 Week | Baby Shoot

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-uk-southafrica-baby-premature-S 01

Meet 1 week old baby Stella Rose! Oh my gosh, how cute and teeny tiney is she?

While Barbara and Charles were expecting, Barbara asked me whether I would capture the first year of little Stella’s life. Little did we know then that she would be premature and arrive a month earlier than expected.

I loved seeing how Lily and Harrison, Stella’s siblings, have welcomed her into the family with big hugs and smiles. The big sister and brother attitude has already kicked in. They love to hold her and give her lots of love.

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Little Aidan | Baby Shoot

rebeccagroves_wedding-photographer-uk-southafrica-baby a 01

Meet Arthur & Michelle’s little 3 week old Aidan.

How precious is he? A while ago Michelle asked me to do a maternity shoot for her and her sister, Janine, as they happened to be expecting at the same time. Now both Janine and Michelle have had their little ones – Janine had a little girl Roxy, who I have the pleasure of meeting and capturing soon, and Michelle had a little boy, Aidan.

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The Holdstock’s | Family Shoot

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-uk-southafrica-baby H 01

I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Holdstock family recently….and what a beautiful family! Meet Ryan, Sam, Amy & baby Remi…

Remi turned quite shy when the camera was on her, but after a while warmed up to it and then was posing like a pro – pulling the cutest faces. Amy, Remi’s older sister, reminded me of when I was little – she loves dressing up in her tutu and pulling a brilliant smile – “like Tinkerbell” as she calls it. Cute! We even managed to get a photo with the dog, Huxley, thanks to Amy’s help 🙂

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Dian | Baby Shoot

meet Marelize & Pieter’s bundle of joy…Dian 🙂 Dian arrived slightly earlier then expected…actually just before we had a chance to do a maternity shoot for Marelize – but it was such a privilege to get to meet Dian and capture him instead 🙂 Pieter & Marelize have made Dian’s room look amazing – with […]

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Willow | 3 months Baby Shoot

i know i am bias, but i have the cutest God-daughter! 🙂 2 months have just flown by, and quick as a flash it was time for Willow’s 3 month photoshoot already!  previously i took photos of Willow when she was 1 month old, as we are making an album to capture the first year […]

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