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sound – bites

With my hubby being a musician, music is constantly on in our house and one of my favourite things to do is scour the internet for new sounds out there.  Music is such an amazing medium which can uplift, inspire, invoke old memories and encourage.

In fact, we have so much music, that I really do need to sort my iTunes library out as at the moment it is just a little too large that sometimes music gets a bit ‘lost’ in there!  I actually need a couple of hard drives just to back all of it up!

I saw a lovely video yesterday about an old man who has started to react to people more, just by listening to music from his era.  When asked “what does music do for you?” he answers “It gives me the feeling of love”.

Here are, to name a few, musicians who are moving, inspiring me and giving me the “feeling of love” at the moment and are continually on my playlists while I edit photos late into the night 🙂

Ben Howard – Only Love

Josh Garrels – Words Remain

Emily and The Woods – Steal His Heart

And just because sound and visuals go so well together – thought I would also add a photo of the amazing sky a couple of weeks ago.

If anyone out there has some more music they would like to suggest – you can find me on Twitter or Facebook 🙂

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