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Paris, France | Travel Post 2

Rebecca Groves Photography

Shortly after our trip to Sorrento, Italy, we had a chance for a short visit to Paris for the first time. Staying in cute B&B accommodation in the city was the perfect positioning for us to pop into the subway and jump on the local underground network to visit all the sites.

Seeing the grand Eiffel Tower was an awesome experience, but not the only stop of our adventure. Paris is full of sites to see- The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe were just a few of the many places one has to witness upon arrival.

Having said all this, there is still nothing better to do in Paris than to take in the romantic atmosphere as a couple, and spend an evening in a quaint restaurant in the heart of the city. Hearing the French language in the air along with the sound of accordions being played in the streets really sets the tone for two to fall in love all over again.

After our romantic rendezvous in the city of Paris, we decided to be like little kids and re-live our childhood at Disneyland Paris! Highlights included waving at Mickey, enjoying the famous rides and watching the castle being lit up with fireworks and color as they did the evening show.

All in all, we managed to cram a lot of fun in to a few days, and it was no surprise to find ourselves “nodding off” on our return trip with the Eurostar, back home to London.

rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0002.jpg
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The famous Musée d’Orsay….

rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0006.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0008.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0010.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0012.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0016.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0020.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0022.jpg

After a long walk around Paris and then up to Montmartre, we were starving, so found a sweet little restaurant to stop for a bite to eat…

rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0026.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0027.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0030.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0031.jpg
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rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0036.jpg

As well as seeing the Mona Lisa at The Lourve, we also got to visit one of my favourite parts of the gallery, Napoleon III’s apartments.  So stunning!

rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0037.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0039.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0040.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0041.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0043.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0046.jpg

Every time we walked by The Eiffel Tower I had to get my camera out to take a shot, and it was even more spectacular at night…

rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0049.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0050.jpg

When we stepped into Notre Dame a choir was singing.  Something that I am so glad I got to experience – sent chills up the spine!

rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0051.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0052.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0055.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0056.jpg

Both of us posing by The Seine River…

rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0058.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0062.jpg

Some people decided to declare their love on Lover’s Bridge over The Seine, by writing their names on a padlock and locking it to the bridge…

rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0065.jpg

The Musée de l’Orangerie, where we had the privilege of seeing Monet’s famous Water Lillies…

rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0066.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0067.jpg

And finally, our last stop in Paris, Disneyland – the place where dreams come true and you feel like a big kid!

rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0068.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_paris 0070.jpg

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