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London, UK | Travel Post 4

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0001

Being back for a few weeks now has got me and Nick settled into life as we left it. As I pull out these photos from CF cards (and film!), I cant help but feel astounded by just how blessed we were to do what we did over the last 4 months. Up until this year, life has had its ups and downs, but as we came around the corner of 2012 we saw a year of travel unfold – what a gift of grace to us. Speaking with Nick as we look back, we both feel humbled and extremely grateful that we had a chance to take 4 months to get away and kick up our feet in sunny France, Italy, and England! What a pleasure 🙂

Alas, I now wrap up with the last photos I took while away in England. I won’t say much more, because as you scroll down you will see I have added a few notes. The first photos are at Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guards. We just managed to sneak in the last bit of the parade, along with some sort of dignitary who floated in via helicopter!

Oh and one last thing.. This is my first “My Life” blog post on my all new website – Hope you like the new look!

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0002rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0004 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0005

Just before a bestie of mine got married, me and the girls managed to sneak away to a cute little spot on the English coastline called Rye!

I didn’t see a whole bunch of bakeries, but it was a very cute town none the less!

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0006 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0007 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0008 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0009

Nick has got some English roots – his father was born in Sevenoaks, Kent. Last year we found out that his great-grandfather was a rector at this cute little church in East Hoathly, near Lewes in Sussex. Apparently he was a great musician and he served the congregants here from 1922 till his death in 1933. He and his wife were buried on the church ground.

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0010 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0011

On the way from East-Hoathly we popped into the nearby town of Lewes – famous for their local brew!

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0012

We visited Brighton on a few occasions for two reasons. 1- Our good friends live there. 2- We just love Brighton!

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0013

Brighton pier and beach..

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0014 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0015 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0016 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0017

The famous lanes of Brighton….

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0018 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0019

Some more Brighton beach….

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0020 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0021 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0022 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0023

Visiting Nick’s sister in Maidenhead we got to see Windsor Castle:

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0024 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0025

Towards the end of our stay, on the 3rd of September we celebrated our 8th anniversary at a stunning restaurant on the 33rd floor of “The Shard” in London. (There are 72 floors!! Yikes!) The whole building is made from a steel frame and glass panels.. Its fast becoming one the newest icons of London.

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0026 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0027 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0028

..I’m also a leeeetle scared of heights! (P.S – try not to look down..Wooah!)

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0029

After lunch we went to the museum Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – where I saw the world’s smallest camera – and it works!

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0030 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0031 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0032 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0033 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0035

And now.. *drumroll* for some…. FILM!!! I just love the texture it gives! I got lucky one day in a 2nd hand camera shop where I managed to get my hands one of the last models of Canon film models, at a price I couldn’t refuse!

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0036 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0037 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0038 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0039 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0040 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0041 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0042

Nick loved the band below. Believe it or not, they were a classic old school american 50s rock n roll band from Latvia in Eastern Europe called “The Big Bluff”.

Most folks were getting their jive on as they played some original music and covers from the classic 50s era.
This is what they were playing when I took this photo:

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0043

Nick capturing a jazz band with his recorder. He really enjoyed recording sound bites from various parts of the trip.

This band were playing 1930s jazz music with classic old selmer guitars – the kind of music from The Great Gatsby era – have a listen:

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0044 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0045 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0046 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0047

Nick tired after all the walking around London. We stopped for a drink in Carnaby Street.

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0048 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0049

The Tate Modern Gallery:

rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0050 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0051 rebeccagroves-wedding-photgrapher-uk-southafrica-mylife-london 0052

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