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Lake District, UK | Travel Post 3

Rebecca Groves Photography

Nick and I have been having a wonderful time over the last months. After enjoying such memorable experiences in Italy and France, we came back home to London for a few days before jumping in a car with my lovely sister and her boyfriend, and driving up to the evergreen Lake District in Northern England.

Although I grew up near London, I moved to Cape Town shortly after school in 2003, so I never really had the chance to explore the beauty of my own back yard. So off to the Lake Districts then!

What struck me the most upon arrival was the unique look of the area. Slate cladding covers just about every exterior wall and fence in the area, giving such a unique look and feel to the nearby towns. I felt like I was in a different country! Old churches, bridges, pubs and the odd castle gives such character to the area.

Beatrix Potter- the author of so many famous children’s novels actually visited one of these castles on the edge of the lake. One day we hired a boat and went across to visit this famous site. Its not hard to see where she got her inspiration from.

It was so good to head away from the city to enjoy some country life for a few days. The fresh air, rolling hills (full of resident sheep) and tranquil waters made for a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

I hope to be back one day soon!

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