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Engagement Photography Information

Engagement Photography - Rebecca Groves
Engagement Photography - Rebecca Groves
Engagement Photography - Rebecca Groves
Every wedding day is built on the romance of that moment when you get engaged. Each couple has their very own story to tell. The emotions, the sights, sounds and fragrances are just a few of the things that are woven in to a beautiful tapestry that sets the backdrop for a glorious wedding day!

Because an engagement shoot is a wonderful way to announce a couples love to the world, I like to include unique elements into the shoot that help reflect and capture the individuality of each love story.

These days couples are thinking of creative ways to get engaged. I am open to accommodate your ideas, whether it might be using a photojournalist approach in real time to capture the moment as it happens, or a more styled shoot. Engagement shoots are also a great opportunity to grow in confidence in front of the lens, as a bit of extra experience will definitely help bring out the best possible photographs for the wedding day.

If you would like more information on the engagement packages I offer, please feel free to contact me here.