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Rebecca Groves International Wedding and Portrait Photographer | South Africa, Cape Town

Alberts Family | Portrait Session


It’s a wonderful thing to see a beautiful family where children grow and thrive in a context of loving parents. As a photographer it is a privilege to be to be invited into these homes to spend a bit of time with these families and capture them. The Alberts family is no exception.

Andre & Liz’s children, Samuel and Zoe are so cute and it was with great joy I had the opportunity to capture this loving unit, along with Granny, who was visting from the UK on a lovely South African sunny day!

Thank you Andre & Liz for inviting me into your home and letting me capture you all!

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Macbeth Family Photo Shoot

rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0001

I know what it is like to live away from your family.

So when there is a moment when you all get together to see each other it is so special.

I have known Sophie for a while now, and like me, she is from the UK and married a South African, David, and they decided to live here in South Africa.

In December Sophie’s parents, two sisters and brother came over to visit South Africa to enjoy the festive season altogether, and I’m sure the sunshine too!

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Natasha Meister & Jimmy Dludlu | Hillcrest Quarry

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-south africa-uk-natasha meister-jimmy dludlu 0001.jpg

The other day, Nick surprised me and took me to 5 Ryneveld in Stellenbosch for dinner, and Natasha Meister was playing in the courtyard. After our meal we pulled up a chair and had a drink with her and her manager Richard Harris.

Natasha is an amazing musician and that coming Sunday afternoon she was going to be performing with the equally amazing Jimmy Dludlu at Hillcrest Quarry and so we arranged for Nick and myself to go along and capture the event for them.

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Van Schoor Family | Die Laaitjie, Robertson

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-southafrica-uk-die laaitjie-family-portrait 0001.jpg

I love being in nature. It is one of the reasons why I’m so happy to live in Cape Town – you are always an hours drive away from natural beauty, and nothing compares to getting out of the bustling city and finding your own little piece of heaven as you spend a few days relaxing in the wild.

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Mark | Portrait

Rebecca Groves Photography

It’s been great to catch up with old friends during our short stay here. One of Nick’s friends is a great musician, and he needed some photos to update his online presence.

Running short on ideas as to where we should shoot, we managed to find a spot nearby a local shopping area that had some good texture and lighting that would compliment and enhance the photos. We were lucky to get it just before the sun went down!

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Pete & Sarah | Couple Shoot

Rebecca Groves Photography

What a delight to meet up with Pete & Sarah again in London!

I had the wonderful opportunity of capturing Pete & Sarah’s stunning wedding in Cape Town last year. It was a gloriously colorful, joyful and romantic day that was enjoyed by all.

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Couves | Family Shoot

Rebecca Groves Photography

Last Saturday was a fantastic day. After having visited the Pettit’s for Stella Rose’s 5 month shoot, we headed off into the winelands of Constantia to Steve and Vanessa Couves’ beautiful home. With a majestic garden wedged between a quiet river and an old Cape Dutch house, it was no surprise that we opted for an outdoor shoot.

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Tabitha | Portrait Shoot

rebeccagroves-southafrica-uk-wedding-photographer-T 0001

This year it has been great to connect with a fellow photographer, Tabitha from Illuminate Photography. Last month Tabitha and I decided we would take a day out, have a bit of a make over, and we would get in front of camera – a place a bit unfamiliar to us!

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The Holdstock’s | Family Shoot

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-uk-southafrica-baby H 01

I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Holdstock family recently….and what a beautiful family! Meet Ryan, Sam, Amy & baby Remi…

Remi turned quite shy when the camera was on her, but after a while warmed up to it and then was posing like a pro – pulling the cutest faces. Amy, Remi’s older sister, reminded me of when I was little – she loves dressing up in her tutu and pulling a brilliant smile – “like Tinkerbell” as she calls it. Cute! We even managed to get a photo with the dog, Huxley, thanks to Amy’s help 🙂

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Vintage Fashion Show

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-southafrica-uk-vintage-fashion-show 01

Mention to me anything to do with vintage or fashion, or even better, both and I am there. So when my friend Iliana asked me if I would consider coming along to shoot a Vintage Fashion Show in aid of The Sozo Foundation…I, or course, said a big yes!

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