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Rebecca Groves International Wedding and Portrait Photographer | South Africa, Cape Town

Davide & Aimee | Engagement

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-engagement-davide-aimee_0001 b.jpg

For anyone who didn’t know this, The word “photography” was created from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), meaning “light” and γραφή (graphé) meaning “drawing”- together meaning “drawing with light”.

It is no surprise then that a photographer’s eye is always in search of the light: the way it balances and reflects, how it dances and shines.

For Aimee and Davide, the weather, location and time of day all came together for a moment of great lighting and I was spoilt not just to be capturing a beautiful couple in a great location – but with some beautiful light to boot!

Aimee and Davide, it was a great pleasure to be behind the lens for you and I wish you all the joy and happiness as you start off your new lives together as husband and wife..

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Julian & Katia | Engagement

ebecca Groves Engagement Photography

It’s always a beautiful thing to see a couple in love, and this lovely pair are no exception. We drove up to Bedford to meet up with Julian and Katia for their pre-wedding shoot and Julian, being the romantic that he is, had already selected a great venue for the photo shoot – the historic Houghton house.

It was so lovely to meet Katia for the first time, and to capture just some of their joy and excitement from behind the lens as the big day approaches.
It’s going to be such a glorious wedding – I can’t wait!

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George & Hannah | Engagement

Rebecca Groves Photography

During this UK visit, one of the weddings I have really been looking forward to was that of my friend Hannah.

We have been friends since early school years, and it was a real honor to get the opportunity to capture her and George together a few weeks before the wedding date.

Doing an engagement shoot is always a great opportunity for couples to get some extra experience in front of the lens, and always pays off with great photos on the day.

Wedding shoot to follow shortly – watch this space!

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Job & Kim | Engagement Shoot

Rebecca Groves Photography

This has to be one of the most exciting photo shoots I have ever done – all because I wasn’t just capturing Job & Kim for their engagement – but I was also photographing Job’s surprise proposal to Kim.  And what a proposal it was!

Job & Kim met in Belgium while Kim was finishing her final year of her law degree there.  A romance blossomed, as did a long-distance relationship, as Kim had to come back to South Africa and Job had to stay in Belgium to finish his studies.  After many trips back and forth for each of them, Job decided that he was going to make a very special, surprise trip over to South Africa to get down on one knee and pop the question to Kim.

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Niall & Carin | Engagement

rebeccagroves_wedding-photographer-southafrica-uk-constantia-C&N 01

I love my job. I get to take photos of people in love, and every shoot captivates a unique story from each couples lives. Capturing Niall and Carin together in the wonderful setting of the Alphen Green Belt in Constantia made me think of how even more unique and beautiful their wedding day will be September this year. Aside from getting interrupted by just about every breed of dog imaginable, we managed to get through the session, and have some fun and laughter along the way. It was lovely to include some fun props they brought for the shoot, along with the color themes that will be included in their wedding decor.

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Marc & Kate | Engagement

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-uk-southafrica-noordehoek-beach-engagment M&K 01

Yesterday it was rainy and stormy here in Cape Town. You would never think that a couple of weekends ago the weather was gloriously sunny and it seemed as everyone thought summer was here at last. The weather was so good in fact, that when we arrived with Marc & Kate at Long Beach for their engagement shoot, it seemed everyone had descended there also to surf and sun bath. The beach was packed from one end to the other, so much so, that we had to decide to find another location for their shoot as there wasn’t even space to walk! Lucky enough gorgeous Noordehoek beach is just around the corner. So off we went to capture the lovely Marc & Kate….

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Ryan & Gabrielle | Engagement

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-engagement-campsbay-beach-R&G 01

Gabrielle knew she was going to marry Ryan from the first moment she saw him. And here they are a while later, engaged, soooo in love and planning their wedding for later this year.

I love seeing couples who just seem so right for each other, and Ryan & Gabrielle is one of those couples…they are like two sweet peas in a pod.

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Peter & Sarah | Engagement

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-southafrica-uk-bo-kaap-engaement-photo-shoot P&S 01

I am so excited to be blogging about this fabulous couple on Valentines Day! 🙂

Meet Peter & Sarah.

Peter & Sarah are getting married in April and this is a couple who know how to have a laugh and are so much fun – I knew I was going to like them from the moment I met them.
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Garth & Shelley | Engagement

a few weeks ago I met with the lovely Garth & Shelley at Kirstenbosch Gardens for their engagement shoot 🙂 As Nick and I left Somerset West it was a gorgeous sunny day, but as we approached Cape Town we saw that clouds had desended on the mountains and it was a little colder there, […]

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Christine Meintjes Workshop | Clouds Estate


About a month ago Nick decided to treat me and send me off to a workshop hosted by Christine Meintjes. this was one of my best early birthday presents, as I have admired Christine and her work for a while now and being able to learn from her and meet other amazing photographers was a dream. I learnt so much at the workshop, not only about photography but about business too.

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