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Rebecca Groves International Wedding and Portrait Photographer | South Africa, Cape Town

Michelle & Janine | Maternity Shoot

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-uk-southafrica-maternity M&J 01

Meet Michelle & Janine. Two sisters who happen to be pregnant a month apart from each other.


When Michelle contacted me to let me know she wanted to surprise her sister with a shoot I thought it was the best idea ever! This is both their first born and Janine is having a little girl (who is due quite soon) and Michelle a little boy in a few months time. I can’t wait to meet these two little ones!

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Willow | 7 Months

rebeccagroves-wedding-photographer-southafrica-uk-baby-7months W 01

So this is the third update on little baby Willow. And she is just getting more and more adorable as she grows up!

What with Christmas busyness and schedules clashing for Emily & I, we just slightly missed Willow’s 6 month shoot. So instead we did the shoot a little later.

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Dian | Baby Shoot

meet Marelize & Pieter’s bundle of joy…Dian 🙂 Dian arrived slightly earlier then expected…actually just before we had a chance to do a maternity shoot for Marelize – but it was such a privilege to get to meet Dian and capture him instead 🙂 Pieter & Marelize have made Dian’s room look amazing – with […]

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Willow | 3 months Baby Shoot

i know i am bias, but i have the cutest God-daughter! 🙂 2 months have just flown by, and quick as a flash it was time for Willow’s 3 month photoshoot already!  previously i took photos of Willow when she was 1 month old, as we are making an album to capture the first year […]

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