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About Me

Rebecca Groves
Rebecca Groves
Rebecca Groves
Thank you for taking the time to pop by and visit my site!

Born and bred in London, I moved to South Africa in 2003 in order to live and work alongside my husband in Cape Town. This was a lucky break in more ways than one – what a gorgeous city!

Its been a pleasure spending the past five years learning the fine art of photographing people, complete with all their quirks and eccentricities. Whether it be a couple on their wedding day, parents with their precious newborn baby, families interacting together or children as they grow and develop into little personalities; it’s been a fascinating and educational journey, and one that I am sure will never stop – not at least while I have a camera in my hand.
My career as a photographer began as a hobby, when I first started experimenting with different cameras and styles of photography way back in 2008. From there word spread, and after spending some time studying and learning alongside other great photographers, it went from a hobby into a dream come true!

Now, it’s an honour to spend my days capturing people’s special moments and telling their stories visually. Should you wish to contact me with any queries, or would like to meet for a coffee, please feel welcome to do so here.