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Macbeth Family Photo Shoot

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I know what it is like to live away from your family.

So when there is a moment when you all get together to see each other it is so special.

I have known Sophie for a while now, and like me, she is from the UK and married a South African, David, and they decided to live here in South Africa.

In December Sophie’s parents, two sisters and brother came over to visit South Africa to enjoy the festive season altogether, and I’m sure the sunshine too!

Sophie’s sister has also recently had a little one, so there was even more excuse to get together for a family photo shoot.

Thank you to all the Macbeth family for letting me capture you all!
rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0002 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0003 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0004 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0005 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0006 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0007 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0007a rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0008 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0009 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0010 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0012 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0014 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0015 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0016 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0017 rebeccagroves-wedding-photograph-macbeth-family 0019

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