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Julian & Katia | Engagement

ebecca Groves Engagement Photography

It’s always a beautiful thing to see a couple in love, and this lovely pair are no exception. We drove up to Bedford to meet up with Julian and Katia for their pre-wedding shoot and Julian, being the romantic that he is, had already selected a great venue for the photo shoot – the historic Houghton house.

It was so lovely to meet Katia for the first time, and to capture just some of their joy and excitement from behind the lens as the big day approaches.
It’s going to be such a glorious wedding – I can’t wait!

rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0002.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0003.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0004.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0005.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0006.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0007.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0008.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0009.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0010.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0011.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0012.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0013.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0014.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0015.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0016.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0017.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0018.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0019.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0020.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0021.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0022.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0023.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0024.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0025.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0026.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0027.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0028.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0029.jpg
rebeccagroves_southafrica_uk_wedding_photographer_J&K 0030.jpg

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2 Responses to Julian & Katia | Engagement

  1. Kevin and Mandy Liddle August 17, 2013 at 5:14 pm #

    Aaah guys, so so lovely, absolutely beautiful happy sparkly pictures…yay for photies that tell stories to friends across the world…. only 7 more sleeps! His love is constantly directed at you, whatever you are doing, whoever you are with, wherever you are…may you be overwhelmed by the depths and heights of it in this precious season, in every tiny detail and in glorious crescendos and giant brush stokes across the sky…praying for the beautiful multicolored light of heaven to engulf your wedding!


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