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Pete & Sarah | Couple Shoot

Rebecca Groves Photography

What a delight to meet up with Pete & Sarah again in London!

I had the wonderful opportunity of capturing Pete & Sarah’s stunning wedding in Cape Town last year. It was a gloriously colorful, joyful and romantic day that was enjoyed by all.

A few months after the wedding, they relocated for further study in London. When they heard we were coming over for a UK visit, they got in touch, and booked some time in for a shoot. It was such a joy to work with them again- but this time on the streets of London.

Thank you so much Pete & Sarah for the opportunity to do a photo shoot with you both again – it was such a great pleasure!


rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0001.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0002.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0003.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0004.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0005.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0006.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0007.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0008.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0009.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0010.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0011.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0012.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0013.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0014.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0015.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0016.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0017.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0018.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0019.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0020.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0021.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0022.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0023.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0024.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0025.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0026.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0027.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0028.jpg
rebeccagroves_photography_coupleshoot_p&s 0029.jpg

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