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Stella Rose | 5 Months | Baby Shoot

Rebecca Groves Photography

This year I am capturing the first year of little Stella Rose’s life. A while ago I spent time with the Pettit family and photographed Stella when she was only 1 week old. She was tiny then – as she had arrived in the world one month premature. Well, she is now 5 months old and it was amazing to see how she had grown, not only in size but in cuteness as well, in such a short space of time!

5 Months old is one of my favourite times to capture a baby, as they are just starting to develop their little facial expressions – as you will see many below given by Stella.

Charles & Barbara had also added another addition to the family since I had seen them – a Great Dane puppy by the name of Duke. As he slept on the couch as we were busy taking photos of the family, I couldn’t help but capture him also. Emily, Charles’ sister, also made an appearance and we decided at the end to get a photograph of Charles and Emily together with all the children. What an amazing family!

Thank you the Pettit family for the amazing privilege of capturing you all – always a pleasure! And can’t wait to capture Stella again soon in a few months!

rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 001.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 002.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 003.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 004.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 006.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 007.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 008.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 009.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 010.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 011.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 012.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 013.jpg

rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 015.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 016.jpg

rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 014.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 018.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 019.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 020.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 021.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 022.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 023.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 024.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 025.jpg
rebeccagroves_photographer_babyshoot_stella5mths 026.jpg

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3 Responses to Stella Rose | 5 Months | Baby Shoot

  1. Tessa Tuttle May 9, 2013 at 11:45 am #

    Great work friend 🙂
    These are beautiful – and Stella is so cute & round compared to her petite prem body!
    James looks like Lily’s doll in that last shot.

  2. Barbara Pettit May 9, 2013 at 1:43 pm #

    Wow Becky – you’ve done it again. Thank you so so much for capturing such beautiful photos of our family. We will treasure them forever. Ha do you think it will be too much if I print them all on huge canvases around the house……cant decide I want them all up for display!!


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    […] Saturday was a fantastic day. After having visited the Pettit’s for Stella Rose’s 5 month shoot, we headed off into the winelands of Constantia to Steve and Vanessa Couves’ beautiful home. […]

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