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Couves | Family Shoot

Rebecca Groves Photography

Last Saturday was a fantastic day. After having visited the Pettit’s for Stella Rose’s 5 month shoot, we headed off into the winelands of Constantia to Steve and Vanessa Couves’ beautiful home. With a majestic garden wedged between a quiet river and an old Cape Dutch house, it was no surprise that we opted for an outdoor shoot.

We positioned a vintage style couch on the lawn and set up for the shoot. Luke, Rachel and Sarah were all dressed for the occasion, and fun was had by all as I clicked away on my camera. Occasionally one or two of the dogs also made brief appearances to join in on the excitement.

A big thank you to the Couves family for inviting me to do the family photos. You were such a pleasure to be with, and it was a joy to capture your beautiful family.

rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 001.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 002.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 003.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 004.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 005.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 006.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 007.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 008.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 009.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 010.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 011.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 012.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 013.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 014.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 015.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 016.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 017.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 018.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 020.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 021.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 022.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 023.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 024.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 025.jpg
rebeccagroves|_familyshoot_couves 026.jpg

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