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Every great love starts with a great storyโ€ฆ

What will your great story be and how will you remember it?

Recent Work

Take a closer look at some of the latest projects I have been working on.
Pieter & Samantha | Wedding | 401 Rozendal
Robert & Erika | Wedding | Hathersage Somerset West
Raphael & Melissa | Wedding | Kalk Bay
Cuyler Family | Baby Photo Shoot

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Baby & Maternity

Cuyler Family | Baby...

Meet Keenan & Keren! How precious and sweet are these two?! When Elana was pregnant, herself and her husband, Anton, were shocked to find out that they were expecting twins! A little girl and a little boy who were born just over a month ago, slightly premature. Anton & Elana really wanted to capture their two new little additions while they were still new born and invited me into their home to capture them all as a new family. Keenan & Keren were so tiny and as good as gold as they lay their sleeping, occasionally they would also Read more

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